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i was just admiring the printout of mat’s cow drawing that i have on my dorm wall (and procrastinating cause fuck chemistry), and just noticed the cow has top teeth. 

cows don’t have top teeth.

maybe that plays into the “why was i born” factor of it since it’s such an unnatural cow anyway, what with the split tongue and all.

or maybe i should stop looking at it and do my homework and get to bed since i have an 8 am livestock anatomy lecture in the morning.


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Day 18: Eric Nally’s mustache is not yet back. 

i’ve been so out of the loop i didnt know this blog was a thing

oh my god

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What am I doing with my life?

this is amazing oh my god

Lyrics from ‘Oh Lord’ by Foxy Shazam. I drew this in a lesson last year but it still makes me chuckle.

Loren Turner
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